Piece proszkowe

Besides manual and automatic powder coating systems, we also plan, design and manufacture powder enamelling furnaces and their integration in the total material flow of your system by means of conveyor technique. Depending on the case of application we supply powder enamelling furnaces as conventional convection furnaces with air circulation mode or including the “DARC®”technology. The “DARC®” technology, developed by us, combines convection with long wave infrared radiation.

We implement different types of powder enamelling furnaces:

  • chamber furnaces
  • continuous furnaces
  • furnaces with A-shaped sluices
  • incl. heat recovery systems as an option, extraction hoods

The appropriate powder enamelling furnace for every powder coating system

Irrespective of whether you like to enamel low temperature powder, high-temperature powder or metallic powder: with powder enamelling furnaces from SLF you quickly and efficiently reach a surface result of optical and technical high quality.

„DARC®“ – DArk Radiation Convection

The „DARC®“ technology is a method developed by us that uses a heating up process in powder enamelling furnaces and paint dryers based on a mix of convection (circulating air) and long wave infrared radiation, the so-called “dark radiation”. Thanks to the functional principle, the application of a „DARC®“ furnace provides many benefits compared to a conventional circulating air furnace.

Advantages of the „DARC®“ technology at a glance:

  • economic drying and enamelling of paints on large, heavy and three dimensional workpieces
  • up to five times higher energy transmission onto the workpieces
  • reduction of workpiece heating-up times by up to 70 %
  • space-savings thanks to reduced holding space inside the oven
  • quicker heating-up and enamelling times than in conventional circulating air furnaces
  • combination of very thick and very thin material thicknesses is possible
  • simultaneous enamelling of different poweder coat colours without mixing

Areas of application of the „DARC®“ technology:

  • chamber furnace
  • continuous furnace
  • booster
  • dryer for liquid coatings
  • dryer for cataphoretic paints
  • adhesive water dryer
  • tempering furnace
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