Parametry techniczne w procesie

10.7 High temperature ovens

10.7.1 Powder curing oven

Powder Coating Ovens

Engineered For Performance

In case of the more energy effective function of our powder curing oven we fit the continuous system with entry and exit air curtain and systems with tact operation with doors. Depending on the hall features we can reach the most economical operation with the A-oven. The oven can be completed with a “jelly”-zone. The structure of the plant (panel elements) has at least 3 layers and mineral wool isolation with 120 kg/m3 consistence. The structure is made with panel connection protection, so we can minimise heat loss.

Powder enamelling furnaces as a supplement to your powder coating system

We construct our powder coating ovens with no metal-to-metal contact, eliminating unnecessary heat loss through the oven walls. The compact design provides even heating throughout, eliminating cool spots that can have an adverse effect on finish quality. Our exclusive insulation packages can provide additional energy savings.

Enamelling of powder coating

Komory chłodzące do testów klimatycznych


Suszarki farby

Suszarki wody

Pice kataforezy

Piece proszkowe

Piece do emalii

Piece do wygrzewania form tomillo

Piece do wygrzewania wstępnego ocynku, detali przed proszkiem

Ze względu na temperaturę osiąganą w urządzeniach wyróżniamy:

  • Suszarki niskotemperaturowe na ogół do max. 130 ⁰C do odparowania wody do suszenia farby
  • Piece wysokotemperaturowe na ogół do max. 230 ⁰C do farb proszkowych do farb ciekłych
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