Research & development - Ongoing R&D projects

Ongoing R&D projects

To this day, we are active in modernizing our offer - we are still conducting research and development, we design new products, construct new solutions, and test various technologies. We do it based on our experience from completed projects, but we also follow the development of technology and techniques in the industry on the market in Europe and in the world.
We are currently working on the following topics:
• Portal control in dipping systems
• Integration of simulation programs with the control software
• Modernization of Tribo and Corona powder applications
• Modernization of the automatic powder booth wall cleaning system
• We test the horizontal ventilation system in industrial powder booths
• We upgrade the CompuCoat powder plant control system
• We are conducting further pilot implementations of the CompuChem chemical dosing system
• We verify and modernize multi-component equipment for wet painting
• We test new construction solutions of pneumatic plunger pumps