Powder paint shop in Sweden put into operation

In cooperation with our Swedish representative, Lackdepan company, we have commissioned another powder coating plant in Sweden.
The installation is equipped with a spray washer, an electric dryer, a manual powder coating booth, an electric oven and an automated overhead conveyor.
Maximum dimensions of painted workpieces LxWxH = 4.000x1.500x2.000 mm. The weight of workpieces up to 200 kg

Chemetall Poland seminar

Automatic spray paint shop for geared motors put into operation

For our long-term client, the company Nord from Nowa Sól, we have commissioned the 3rd spray paint shop for geared motors.
To meet the process requirements, an installation was built equipped with 2 spray booths with dry filtration and air handling units equipped with AC units, an integrated flash-off and drying chamber, a Power&Free conveyor and a control system that allows programming many technological routes.
Due to the complicated flow of workpieces, the construction of the paint shop was preceded by the development of a multi-variant concept, which was verified by real-time simulating the operation of the installation and on this basis, together with the client, we selected the version to be implemented.
Maximum dimensions of painted objects LxWxH = 1.300x900x900 mm. The weight of workpieces up to 800 kg. Working time (for multi-layer painting) approx. 2 min./layer.

Automatic powder paint shop for agricultural machinery in Finland put into operation

In cooperation with our Finnish representative, Spraytec company, we commissioned a powder paint shop in Finland.
It is an automatic powder paint shop equipped with e.g. automatic shot-blasting machine, 4-chamber spray washer, gas dryer, powder booths (automatic and manual), polymerization oven, Power&Free conveyor, sewage treatment plant and network water preparation system.
Workpieces are elements of agricultural machinery.
Maximum dimensions of painted objects LxBxH = 4.000x1.150x2.000 mm. Weight up to 800 kg.
Installation cycle 6 min./load beam.