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Surface engineering

Technology in coating plants

Technology and process techniques

A typical treatment / coating line involves various unit operations, from mechanical and / or chemical pre-treatment, painting of a liquid or powder, to drying and curing.

The above-mentioned treatments are carried out using various technologies of mechanical and / or chemical surface preparation, followed by coating the surface with conversion and / or painting coatings. The necessary drying or heating operations are performed in thermal processes in devices ensuring adequate physical parameters.

All treatment sockets are connected by a transport system (conveyor) transferring the processed details in accordance with the established technology.

Additional equipment, e.g. for process water purification, air purification, and wastewater treatment, is required for the smooth operation of the entire installation.

Industrial installations supply the system with media and materials, remove waste.

The control system manages the operation of technological devices and communication with external systems.

Although the subject of coating techniques is a big subject possessing many technologically advanced methods, there are a few basic principles and techniques that one must know for understanding of surface coating processes and meet the right decisions.

A typical treatment/ coating line involves different unit operations, from mechanical and/or chemical pretreatment, painting liquid or powder, to drying and curing.

Possible variants of implementation of all basic technological treatments in the painting process