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Application technique

Pre-Treatment System

Pre-Treatment is one of the important processes of the entire surface coating production line, which lays the foundation for a good quality surface finish. Articles are treated with a series of appropriate chemicals prior to colour deposition, ensuring appropriate article surface cleaning by removing unwanted elements on the article surface like rust, dirt, other unwanted coatings. It also treats the article surface with chemicals for better colour bonding to the article surface. Pre-Treatment is a process that needs to be done irrespective of the production scale and process automation. ADAL works in coordination with the customer and chemical suppliers to ensure optimization of available production area and required chemical utilization to deliver customer desired production output with a high quality surface finish.

We always consider 2 possible solutions

Dip Type

In the Dip Pretreatment process, there is a sequential arrangement of the process tanks in accordance with the designed chemical process.

Spray Type

In the Spray Pretreatment process, there is a sequential arrangement of spray zones in a tunnel according to the designed chemical process.