ADAL Offer - Surface engineering - Surface pretreatment - Chemical surface pretreatment

Chemical surface pretreatment

The ADAL pretreatment systems provide excellent paint adhesion, increase the quality of the finish, prevent corrosion and increase the resistance in the salt spray test.
Designed for quick installation and shorter downtime, the washers are built in a modular format and are factory tested, piped and wired.
As a system supplier and a certified specialist in accordance with the Water Resources Act - Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (WHG) - we offer cleaning and washing chambers for water cleaning agents with treatment of generated sewage in an integrated sewage treatment plant.
Washers can be built as simple single-stage modules but also as large multi-stage spraying or immersion systems, depending on the size of the part, shape, complexity, type of material and required quality of the final coating.
Available functions:
Fully welded, corrosion-resistant technological tunnel
Automatic chemical feed system (CompuChem)
Automatic liquid level control
Bag filtration
Central platform for the operator in the entire technological tunnel
Central ventilation system
Corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps according to the process
Vertical or horizontal centrifugal pumps
Through or chamber constructions
Drain valve
Double welded tanks

Fixed or movable nozzle branches
High-efficiency heating systems (electricity, gas, steam and hot water)
Insulated tanks
Insulated tunnel casing
Iron removal system
Easy maintenance design
Made of stainless steel or PP
Modular design
The motors comply with IEC standards
Oil coalescence separator
Optimized neutral zones between all processes
Optional heating methods (gas, oil, electricity, district heating)
pH and conductivity meters
Pre-fabricated, piped and wired modules factory tested
Quick installation
Spray nozzles fastened for quick assembly
Roof with conveyor gap
Smooth interior wall
Circulation of liquids in immersion tanks by editors or mixers
Spray or draft or combined designs
Stainless or galvanized steel or PP
Stainless steel conveyor components (option)
Ventilation system
Spray pressure control by inverters
Water protection
Zero sewage system - option
Zinc sludge removal system

We offer the following possible solutions:
• Continuous flow spray tunnel
• Multi-treatment spray chamber
• Chamber tunnel
• Hand washing cabin
• Immersion tanks with continuous flow
• Immersion tanks with portals

The detail transport solution has a major impact on the design of the pre-treatment washer.
Possible alternatives are:
• suspended conveyor
• belt / chain / mesh conveyor
• towing conveyor
• portal system

A system of external and internal equipment is built into each solution.