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Surface pretreatment

Surface pretreatment is a process in which the surface is cleaned and prepared for further processing - electroplating, wet or powder painting or applying various liquids (sealants, adhesives, etc.).

All surface coating processes begin with the basic surface preparation process.

Before applying any coating, it is very important that the surface is clean to prevent future potential product defects. Only then can the designed coating be applied.

Surface preparation involves performing a series of physical and chemical treatments.

These are generally mechanical cleaning and / or washing / or chemical treatments.


The materials to be processed and the required product properties are crucial. From steel to aluminum, glass, MDF and plastics, we develop numerous cleaning, degreasing, phosphating and etching or conversion processes.

There are various industrial surface preparation techniques and chemicals that can be applied on the processing line. This may include mechanical pretreatment, such as sandblasting, even dry ice, or chemical pretreatment (degreasing, phosphatizing, etc.)

These treatments are automatic and manual pre-treatment processes, multi-stage and single-stage.

These procedures are performed in sanding or spraying tunnels / chambers or immersion baths, or in other technological chambers. It depends on the substrate being treated, the application of the parts to be processed and / or the size of the coating line.

The pretreatment plant is usually included in the scope of our deliveries.

We analyze and use all types of existing pretreatment technologies depending on the specific needs of the client and our final design solutions. These sometimes various custom tailored solutions are (mainly) manufactured by ADAL or (sometimes) outsourced.

The requirement for pretreatment depends on the materials that are to be treated and the standards required of the end result.

ADAL pretreatment offering encompasses a wide range of specialized processes which are carefully identified from project to project.
Pretreatment may involve washing down dirt and dust or multi-step chemical pretreatment. It may also involve manual grinding, fully automated blasting of production items or conversion and/or primer coatings.

All forms of pretreatment prepare the surfaces of the workpieces for the final top coating/finishing.  This ensures the required quality of the finishing.

At pre-engineering phase a multi-stage pretreatment equipment is considered and evaluated to prepare a product’s surface for painting, plating or other industrial finishing processes.
Using blasting, spray, immersion or combination pretreatment methods, dirt, oils and contaminants are removed from the product’s surface and phosphate or conversion coatings are applied to help prevent corrosion and increase paint adhesion.

Working with chemical and paint suppliers, ADAL engineers analyze the requirements before developing equipment that can be incorporated into the overall coating system.  

ADAL has supplied several different pretreatment solutions, all tailored specifically to customer requirements.