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Manual booths filter MSBF

KPFV and KPFW Standard Powder Booths

ADAL manufactures compact cabins with powder recovery on filters, one, two, three and five pages with automatic blowing. Powder return to the gun is possible by using a tank with a fluidizing plate and an integrated vibrating screen mounted directly under the patrons.

The filter cassette / block can be fixed or replaceable.

For painting in one color or "to waste" we offer cabins with a fixed block of filters marked, e.g. with the symbol KPFV06

With frequent color changes, we offer compact cabins with two- or five-page cabins with replaceable filter blocks - KPFW06 or KW06P / B / F ......

Quick color change is possible by replacing the entire filter block with tank and sieve.
The design of compact cabins is divided into three types depending on the customer's production requirements:

    closed type B used for short runs; painted objects are hung by hand in the cabin; one-, two- or three-page version,
    type P through cooperating with suspended transport system used for manual or automatic painting; two- or three-patron version,
    front type F often also cooperates with a suspended transport system used for manual or automatic painting; can be used to paint large-size objects.

Example symbol::

KPFV04B closed type, with fixed filter cassette, ventilation 4.000 Nm3 / h