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Wet spray coating

Wet spray painting is a traditional process of applying liquid paint to a metal.

We carry out surface wet spray painting (coating) processes with liquid paints, for various paints:

  •          Solvent-based (organic)
  •          Wodnorozcieńczalne
  •          1-Component
  •          Multi-Component (2K, 3K)


ADAL installations are built on the basis of many years of experience (since 1981) of a competent team of employees, thanks to which we guarantee the best possible technical solutions, environmentally friendly and at the same time efficient, allowing reduction of costs both production and operating.


  • Wet spray coating
    Wet spray coating
  • Wet spray coating
    Wet spray coating

Painting in liquid paint spraying technology is widespread in the industrial and service industries.
The process is carried out in open painting stands or in cabins with dry or water filtration, equipped with adapted air ventilation.
The devices we offer can be built-in in the technological line of the painting installation or they can be located as independent objects

Application devices (pumps, guns and accessories) manufactured for over 30 years guarantee the quality of painting, reliability and durability in operation.

Users of the ADAL installation are assured of quick and efficient service and supplies of necessary consumables and spare parts as required.

Based on our own construction of air-driven plunger pumps and, using a wide range of accessories (guns, hoses, nozzles, suction pipes, filters, valves, carts, mixers, heaters, etc.), liquid paint airless devices are built air-combi (air-assisted) with ratios up to 78: 1 and capacity from  to 385 cm3 / PS (45 ltr./min).

Due to the wide range of parameters of our aggregates and a wide range of supplementary equipment, we can meet the requirements of all customers and our devices are used both for the production of furniture where a perfect surface finish is required and for heavy corrosion protection, in shipyards, in hydrotechnics, where thick coating materials are applied , with a high solids content, with zinc dust fillers, glass plates, iron flakes etc.

A wide range of aggregates and accessories, supported by appropriate design potential and relevant experience, allows you to build complete, automatic technological lines for wet painting, with automatic color change, painting booths, technological transport systems, dryers, ventilation, security systems. The entire process can be controlled by appropriate controlled thanks to computer visualization.

In large painting installations, blocks of paint storage and preparation are separated from production facilities and the paint is transported to work stations by pipelines. In distribution installations, special high-performance two- or four-valve pumps with appropriate accessories are used.