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Wet coating spray equipment

We offer a wide range of air-driven pneumatic piston and plunger pumps for the efficient transfer of fluids of low, medium and high viscosity. Air-driven positive displacement pumps are suitable for many industrial applications such as painting, coating and finishing equipment, extrusion of grease and lubricants, sealants, glues, liquids handling (oils, paints, chemicals) and most other fluids as well as replacement pumps for paint spraying and coating equipment.

Pumps can be supplied for pumping directly from small paint containers, 200L drums from 1000ltr IBC’s or from paint circulation system.

With our pumps we can also offer complete fluid handling system packages including pipework, valves, hoses, recirculation systems and more.

Painting sets are built on the basis of pneumatic plunger aggregates. Typical sets include: plunger, high-pressure filter with filter insert, ball valve with overflow line, trolley, suction system, paint hose, spray gun with nozzle, air preparation kit.

Basic liquid paint devices are used to deliver fluid under pressure (paint etc.) to the gun in painting / production systems / equipment.

They can be driven by a pneumatic or electric motor, and the pump can be made as piston, plunger or diaphragm.

Based on proprietary plunger pumps and piston pneumatic motors, using a wide list of accessories (guns, hoses, nozzles, suction pipes, filters, valves, carts, mixers, heaters, etc.), liquid paint airless devices are built air-combi (air-assisted) with gear ratios from 3: 1 to 79: 1 and capacity from 20 cm3 / PS (double stroke) to 512 cm3 / PS (from 5 to 45 ltr./min).

Due to the wide range of parameters of our aggregates and a wide range of supplementary equipment, we can meet the requirements of all customers and our devices are used both for the production of furniture where a perfect surface finish is required and for heavy corrosion protection, in shipyards, in hydrotechnics, where thick coating materials are applied , with high solids content, with zinc dust fillers, glass plates, iron flakes etc.

Application devices (pumps, guns and accessories) manufactured for over 30 years guarantee the quality of painting, reliability and durability in operation.

A wide range of aggregates and accessories, supported by appropriate design potential and experience, allows you to build complete, automatic technological lines for wet painting, with automatic color change, painting booths, technological transport systems, dryers, ventilation, security systems. The whole process can be controlled and monitored thanks to computer visualization.

Wet painting applies:

  • for the application of corrosion and fireproof paints in shipbuilding, steel constructions, tank production
  • for chemistry transport
  • in the wood, automotive, plastics, construction, glass industries
  • in the metal industry (semi-trailers, agricultural machinery, containers, etc.)