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Zinc plating

The galvanic zinc plating is a process whose task is to increase the rust resistance of steel materials. For this purpose, an electrolysis (i.e. electrical voltage) is being used. If you want to effectively protect some steel elements against corrosion, galvanizing is a very good choice.
 The galvanizing process starts with the degreasing of materials, for which we use alkaline liquids having a high pH. The next stage is the digestion, or soaking of materials in low pH acids, which allows for the elimination of mill scale and rust. After pickling, it's time for the most important phase, which is galvanizing. In order to increase the resistance of the material to rust, we apply many-colored passivation: yellow, blue, transparent, and a high-passivation, as well. The polymer varnishes are an additional method used by us to obtain even better protection against corrosion.
The galvanic zinc plating is useful in the following industries:
 automotive industry;
•    building;
•    electronic industry;
•    aircraft industry;
•    household appliances and electronics;
•    gardening tools