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Galvanic treatment

Galvanization is a process by which a metal product is coated with a thin layer of different metal to protect it from corrosion. The process is called in various ways depending on the metal used for the protective film.                                              

Plating involves depositing metal on a conductive surface, providing a thin and durable corrosion resistant surface. Common metals used in plating are zinc, chrome, nickel, and silver. There are many different ways to plate metal pieces. One technique involves submerging a piece in an ion solution containing the plating metal. Electricity is passed through the system which leads to the deposition of plating metal on the piece.
Using different plating metals leads to a wide array of benefits. Plating can improve corrosion resistance, add decorative appeal, increase solderability, enhance strength, reduce friction, alter conductivity, increase magnetism, or enhance paint adhesion.
Although determining the downsides to plating is somewhat dependent on the plating metal, there are some general downsides to plating. The coats are very thin, so if thicker layers are desired, multiple coats may be necessary. This could be a time consuming and expensive process. The uniformity of each coat is not always ideal. Lumps or bumps may form uneven surfaces. Depending on the plating metal, the coating may tend to be brittle and easy to crack which leaves the piece open to impurities such as rust.

The galvanizing process is a service with a very wide and universal application, which is used in many industries and sectors. It is used in the production of fences, flat bars, angles, hinges, covers, subassemblies, antennas, fence nets, chains, screws, nails and car parts. We do not even realize how many objects and elements surrounding us every day have been galvanized.
We offer two galvanizing methods:
•    drums, used for small elements up to 100-150 mm, where light scratches are acceptable;
•    hanger, suitable for large items, on which even small scratches are unacceptable.