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Threat and risk analyzes

Design and construction of technological industrial installations must take into account the conditions ensuring their safe operation. This applies in particular to those industrial processes that involve the course of chemical reactions or a change in the physical state of the substance, posing a threat to human health and life and the environment.

ADAL carries out hazard analyzes and risk assessments for the technological installations and devices we design and build.
This is especially important in chemical and thermal processes and where mechanical machines are used.

Depending on the needs we use, among others methods:

HAZOP - analysis of threats and operational capabilities in industrial processes
               (depending on the area of application: F-HAZOP, R-HAZOP, C-HAZOP)

PHA      - preliminary threat analysis

FMEA   - analysis of the types and effects of possible errors

ETA      - event tree analysis

FTA       - error tree analysis

LOPA    - security layer analysis

QRA      - quantitative risk assessment