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    Our team

We are a Polish company with almost 40 years of tradition and experience, at the same time modern, innovative and open to the needs of the market.

The company consists of 150 people working in the field of design, production, assembly, commissioning and supervision of implementation, equipment servicing and in auxiliary departments.

They are unique, highly qualified employees, focused on teamwork and at the same time interactive leaders able to motivate the entire team.

We offer attractive opportunities for professional development with high demands on employees.

We are constantly looking for and implementing in our company innovations and new ethical solutions for entering a leading position on the market.

Each member of our team can also count on our commitment to achieve quality in the entire area of our activity.

That is why we are looking for and employing the best employees on the market.

At the same time, taking into account the future development and needs of the company, we offer attractive internships and apprenticeships to students, technicians and new technical graduates.