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Key figures

The ADAL company was founded in 1981 by Wojciech Chodkowski and Wojciech Soszyński as a civil law partnership. In 1996, Bożena Soszyńska joined them with a 10% stake, and the company transformed into a limited liability company. In 2019 Wojciech Chodkowski retired and his shares were taken over by other partners. In 2020 Cezary Moczulak took over 10% of Wojciech Soszyński's share.

Since the founding of the company, all partners have been working actively in it.

The headquarters is located in a modern production and office complex in Adamówek at ul. Prosta 21, 05-152 Czosnów.

The property, office space and production hall are the property of the company.
- land area                                                       29.183 m²
- usable area of offices and production halls     3.675 m²

At the same time, the company constantly rents additional production areas ranging from 1,000 to 3,000m², depending on current needs.

The company employs about 150 people, of which 50 are engineers employed in the construction (mechanics, electrical, automation) and production departments.

The average turnover from the last 5 years was                                     10.183 thousand €.
The company made the largest turnover in 2017 and it amounted to     15.478 thousand €